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Who are we?

Advancing the cause of Christ in Cuba"

Thirty years ago, Jan and Vicki Céspedes along with other seminary couples had a vision: Cuba for Christ. There was no presence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached at that time, where the hungry people of Cuba could turn to for the Bread of Life. Now, ministries are growing, churches are preaching, and that mission is continuing. We find it our responsibility as ministers of reconciliation to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the destitute hearts of sinful men, who are hungry, hurting and in need of the Savior's love. The Foundation was started July 26, 2021 after the historic 11 July protests when many Cubans plead for change. We are not here to bring political change, but, a much larger change that expands the course of time. It's time for Revival.



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Why Carlos Manuel de Céspedes?

El Padre de la Patria-Céspedes issued the Grito de Yara, the cry of Cuban independence from Spain. In the Manifesto de la Junta revolucionaria de la isla de Cuba, Céspedes and other prominent men declared they would not stand for the injustices suffered by Cubans from Spain. Céspedes began what we call the Ten Years War from 1868-1878 which was the first official revolutionary spark needed for Cuba to eventually become free in 1902.

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General Bartolome Maso                                                                  


Presidente Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y Quesada 

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Bartolome Céspedes Maso/Estela                          Bello                                                    

Each Céspedes including El Colonel Romagosa, General Bartolome Maso (married in), Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y Quesada, Bartolome Céspedes Maso, played important roles in the running of the country of Cuba.  Each gave their lives for it's people and fought for something greater than themselves. Now, the Céspedes continues for EL PUEBLO, we fight darkness by bringing light. Our mission has changed from a political to spiritual battle because we know that when people are lacking, CHRIST ALONE FULFILLS

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2nd Generation Cuban-American

U.S. Air Force Broadcast Journalist

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Briana Céspedes



2nd Generation Cuban-American

Certified Public Accountant at Price Waterhouse Coopers 

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Belicia Céspedes 


 1st Generation Mexican-American and 

 married to Jan Enrique Céspedes 

Business Owner, Real Estate Broker, Homeschool Mother

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Virginia Céspedes 

Jan Céspedes, El Comandante, has led the charge for this mission and foundation. With his rustic humor, mambise spirit, and generous heart to share the Gospel, his wife, daughters and compadres can make dreams a reality. The 26th is a very big day for this foundation and our family. Jan was born on February 26th, the revolution of Cuba by Castro took place on July 26th, and Papa passed away on November 26th. Our founding was on July 26, 2021 and our final mission statement (adapted after 2 years) was agreed on by the board May 26, 2022, 6 months after his passing. How could our Lord’s purpose be more obvious? Praise Him! 

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